Hyperlexia Manual: A Guide to Children Who Read Early, Recollections and Mellowing are available in hard copy for purchase at The Treffert Center, St. Agnes Hospital Gift Shoppe and The Agnesian Health Shoppe for $20 each. We accept credit cards, cash and checks payable to: The Agnesian HealthCare Foundation/Treffert Fund. 

Electronic copies are available for $20 each by e-mailing treffertcenter@ssmhealth.com.  If you would like a hard copy sent to you by mail, there will be a $5 handling fee added to your purchase request.

If you have any questions e-mail treffertcenter@ssmhealth.com.

We appreciate your interest in our work at the Treffert Center. We can offer the best outcome to the individuals and families we serve through an accurate diagnosis and intervention. You can donate now by visiting agnesian.com/giving

Funding is always needed for us to extend our services in:

  • Direct care
  • In-home and center-based care
  • Programs promoting music, art, mindfulness, yoga and social skills
  • Transition services across the lifespan
  • Ongoing research projects
  • Training initiatives

Your donations will ensure we continue to expand the life’s work and legacy of Darold Treffert, MD, and the Treffert Center bringing strength based care, happiness and hope to all those that reach to us for guidance.

“If we can provide happiness and hope to those who reach out to us for guidance, we will be able to say - mission accomplished. I want that to be the legacy of the Treffert Center.” - Darold Treffert, MD