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What a marvelous gift—the Center’s very own van—from the Agnesian HealthCare Foundation. It will be put to immediate good use transporting children to and from the Center so even more can attend. And it will facilitate field trips, to all sorts of destinations, for both the pre-school and after school students. Staff, along with students, can use it for visits to various sites telling the story of the center, and training staff elsewhere. Our deep appreciation to the Foundation. A giant thank you card signed by the students expresses their thanks, and the joy and pride that shows in their faces tells the story with even more enthusiasm.

As it says on the side of the van: PLAY AND LEARNING FOR ALL CHILDREN.






Darold Treffert, MD

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Here at the Treffert Center we are celebrating Autism Awareness Month. Autism is a complex neurological disorder that can affect individuals in different ways. Research continues to expand our understanding and contributes to our ever increasing awareness of the diversity and talents of those affected by it. This does not negate the tremendous struggle families are engaged in from the first realization that ’something is different’ about their child through the challenging process of diagnosis and the mission of securing treatment. During this Autism Awareness Month let us seek to understand the richness of the individuals who are diagnosed with autism- from those that are famous to those living in our AHC service area. We celebrate individuals young and old who are artists, musicians or math whizzes. Through the lifelong work of Dr. Darold Treffert and the work of the Treffert Center, we are finally on the horizon of looking not at what is challenging for individuals, but instead celebrating the ‘islands of intactness’ that remind us that judging other’s deficits robs them and all of us of a community full of possibility.

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Spotlight Associate: Meet Becky Ruppel, Treffert Academy Teacher

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Hi, my name is Becky! During the day I am in our three year old classroom and after school I am with our school agers at the Treffert Center. I graduated in 2015 with my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education from Moraine Park Technical College. This will be my sixth year working in the early childhood field. I knew from a young age that I always wanted to be a teacher. When I heard about the Treffert Center I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. The vision of the Treffert Center is truly something to admire! We view each child as an individual with their own strengths that develop at their own pace and it's celebrated. As a teacher, this is something I really value. I am super excited to be a part of the Treffert Center team and help each child develop to their full potential! Not only am I lucky enough to be a part of the Treffert Center staff, but my son also gets to be part of our school age program. As a parent I feel that the Treffert Center offers my son so many amazing opportunities that he could not experience anywhere else. I feel that being here has helped to teach him acceptance and empathy of everyone with all different abilities.

Benefits of an Integrated Classroom

April is Autism Awareness month! Treffert Academy offers an integrated classroom setting to children of all abilities including children with Autism. An integrated education is not only for the benefit of children with special needs but also for their typically developing peers. It brings all the children together in one classroom, regardless of their strengths or weaknesses, and maximizes their potential. As part of our curriculum we strive to help young children understand empathy toward others. When children interact more with children with special needs they will develop a better sense of empathy and understanding as well as develop a more positive attitude toward them. Empathy developed during the childhood years is likely to carry on into the adult years. When children grow up in an integrated environment, they develop into adults who are open, caring and compassionate.

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Written by: Jodi Oye, supervisor at the Treffert Academy


Treffert Academy accepting enrollments!

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What our visitors are saying:

“The Treffert Center’s commitment to collaborate with families, school staff, and community resources provides a framework for optimal results for children.”

– Karen B.(occupational therapist) and Beth D. speech language therapist (Local school providers )

Currently accepting applications online at

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Help our Treffert Center behavior treatment technicians continue to provide one-of-a-kind therapy services that focus on the individual and celebrate each child’s unique accomplishments.

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 Read to Play

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Using a child's love of letters and reading, early readers will participate in activities that support skills in conversation, self-regulation, establishing relationships, problem solving, sensory and motor skills, while playing and telling stories.

Classes are facilitated by Karen Bartelt, OTR, occupational therapist and Beth Dardis, SLP, speech-language therapist.

This class is designed for children of all abilities (ages three to six) that are able to attend independently of chaperones.

For specific class questions, call (920) 904-1539.

Class dates include Thursdays, April 13 to May 18. 

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